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Helping Hands Opportunities

The notions of family and community are very important to us at TCCC.  We endeavor to develop a strong sense of community and build family values as we work side by side with our families.  The Helping Hands Program is one of our efforts to provide opportunities for parents to engage with us here at the Center, meet other parents and enjoy the fun activities we set up for children and parents.

Events to Volunteer At

Picture Day (October)                                                           TCCC Annual Picnic (May)


Field Trip (October) PS/Pre-K                                               Field Trip (June) PS/Pre-K


Pumpkin Patch (October) Toddler                                         Field Trip (July) PS/Pre-K


Halloween Trick or Treat Parade (October)                           Field Trip (August) PS/Pre-K


Spring Egg Hunt (March/April)


Beach Day (April)

Additional OPportunities within the Classroom

  • Cultural or Professional Presentation/Discussion (Preschool/Pre-K)

Example:  Come to the PS/Pre-K classroom and present Hannukah, Chinese New Year or Diwali; Discuss Dentistry, Fire Safety, Culinary Arts, etc.

  • Mr./Mrs. Fix It Day (as needed)
  • Read for the Record:  Join us in participating in JumpStart’s Read for Record campaign by coming to the classroom to read

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Weekly Lesson Plans for PT1, PT2, Toddler or PS/Pre-K Classrooms
  • Monthly Newsletter for Infant, PT1/PT2, Toddler or PS/Pre-K Classrooms

*The Director will post sign-up sheets for the various events that we can use parent volunteers for

*If you are interested in any of the additional opportunities, please contact the Director for more information

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