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outside of Tysons Corner Children's Center Spring Hill center

About Our History at TCCC

The first Center providing care for children 3 months through 5 years was opened on Spring Hill Road in 1987 under the name Tysons Corner Play and Learn. In 1992, a second site was opened on Spring House Road that provided care for children 2 years old through school age. In 1997, a third site was opened on Greensboro Drive that serviced children 3 months through 5 years of age.

In 1998, the Center on Spring House Road was closed due to the sale of the property. At that time, the Greensboro site expanded their existing space to add Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten classrooms (which has since been converted into a second Junior Kindergarten class). The Greensboro and Spring Hill Centers were able to successfully accommodate all of the children from the now-closed Spring House Road site. In 2001, the Centers broke away from the for-profit Play and Learn organization to establish a new, non-profit organization and changed its name to Tysons Corner Children’s Center in the process.

Where Hearts and Minds Grow Strong