Tysons Corner Children's Center
Tysons Corner Children's Center

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Corporate Office

Tysons Corner Children's Center

8260 Greensboro Dr

McLean, VA 22102


Phone: 703-917-9290


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Center Hours

   7:15 AM - 6:15 PM

Board Members and Committee Chairs


Rebecca Nieves


Vice President

Elizabeth Book



Debra Speert


Assistant Secretary

Leslie Wood



Christine Kowal


Assistant Treasurer

Abbiee Oduntan


Legal Chair

Elizabeth Book


Legal Committee

Mindy Rattan


Staff Appreciation Chair

Deb Sutton


Safety Chair

Manojit Basu


Human Resources Chair

Rebecca Markley


Communications/Parent Experience Chair

Debra Speert and Kaajal Singh


Members at Large

David Tanenbaum

Kate Merry Walters

Dara Lowengrub



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