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“We were amazed about the way staff and center management handled the kid’s transitions – especially new kids. Staff were very caring and take good care of kids. Staff are patient with little kids. The Center feels like a family.”

Steve and Sandy D. : 11 years with TCCC


“My son, who is a new kindergartener, attended TCCC from the ages of 3 to 5. During that time I witnessed him grow into a bright, friendly, creative and articulate child thanks to the care and attention he received at TCCC. TCCC is much more than a “daycare”. It is truly a “learning center” where children are both challenged and cared for by wonderful staff. I am looking forward to seeing how my 2 year old daughter benefits from her time at TCCC as well!”

Robin and Alan Poorman:  2 years with TCCC


“TCCC is like an extended family. The staff are bale to assess the child’s strengths and challenges, then they work on increasing each child’s challenges and their strengths as if each child was the only student! I cannot recommend TCCC enough. The leaders should write a book on caring for children in daycare as they have successfully trained staff and developed a curriculum to ensure each child is treated individually and is prepared for Kindergarten. If they had Private Kindergarten – I would pay for it since my child learned reading, math and playing well with other children.”

Houeida Saad: 2 years with TCCC


“We loved the cozy and warm atmosphere at TCCC. Both locations are superb. The attention to detail, the warmth, and the love were just beyond compare. Now that we have graduated and moved on to Kindergarten, we miss the personal care and attention we were so used to at TCCC (and we are at a private school!). My child absolutely blossomed and thrived at TCCC.  As Ms. Marge’s sign-off always says, she always keeps “your child in mind”.

Maura H.:  2 ½ years with TCCC


“TCCC is a wonderful, safe, educational environment with amazing staff and teachers, and I would highly recommend the Center to anyone!”

Ken and Natalia B.: 2 years with TCCC


“Overall, our most positive experience at the Center is the great lengths the staff will go to, as a team, to help individual children succeed, even within the Center’s group care setting. Every day we were able to drop off our kids, and have the peace of mind that they would be loved and well taken care of – no worries for them or us! Thank you, to everyone at TCCC, for a wonderful 8 years – we will miss all of you!”

AJ Snijders & Seon Park:  8 years with TCCC


“We were fortunate to find TCCC.  The staff worked with us to ensure we were partners in our children’s early development.  Specifically, the staff was instrumental in recognizing a food allergy in my son as an infant.  Also, the staff identified strengths in my children and customized learning plans, when appropriate.However, I believe the greatest advantage my children received from attending TCCC relates to their character development.  Skills reinforcing responsibility, respect, honesty, friendship and compassion are taught from a very early age.  My children were loved and well prepared for the future.  Thank you TCCC.”

Lori and Scott Smith: Two children with TCCC for 8 years


“You will have peace of mind knowing that your children will be safe and loved as they grow socially and intellectually”

“Our first experience with the center was the infant room at Spring Hill.  It is a warm and loving place and a great beginning to our seven plus years with TCCC.”

Robin and Matt Davey: 7 years with TCCC


“My daughter loved TCCC and everyone at Spring Hill. She began there as an infant in the infant room and was at Spring Hill until Pre-school. She then moved to the McLean Center for Pre-K and Jr. K.  The staff is exceptional!  The caring attitude, the loving environment ensured that my child never had a problem with drop off.  In fact she didn’t want to leave.”

“Prospective parents will never find a more caring and loving environment for their child.”

“The teacher/child ratio is wonderful.  I never worried about my child’s well being (physical or emotional.)”

“Thank you for raising/growing my daughter into the wonderful person she is.”

Tania and Christopher Long: 6 years with TCCC


“I am so thankful that through the grapevine I learned about TCCC.  I truly believe that the school gives the children the best foundation for the years to come.”

“If you bring your children to TCCC, you will have complete peace of mind and your children will have fun while they learn.”

LeAnn and Andrew Ritter : 7 years with TCCC


“I trusted you all completely with my child and learned so much from you.”

“Please tell the staff how grateful we are for all the years our child spent in your care.  I cannot imagine a better experience.”

Lisa and Tim Rader:  6 years with TCCC


Excellent care, peace of mind, effective communication and staff management.

Our time at TCCC was truly remarkable and we feel so blessed to have had our children experience the TCCC program.”

Gity and Shuaib Porjosh: 7 years with TCCC


“I sent my daughter to TCCC for 5 years.  I had several other options, including a nanny or staying at home myself, but I chose to keep her at TCCC because they do such an outstanding job.  I felt completely comfortable and happy knowing my daughter was under their care.”

Richard and Susan Mudry:   5 years with TCCC


“We wouldn’t have kept her at the center from age 3 months to 6 years if it wasn’t a terrific environment. Our daughter had been at TCCC from the time she was 3 months old until 1st grade.  She’s well adjusted and happy.  TCCC had a significant part in her growing up to be the wonderful girl she is today.  Thank you!”

Laura and David Huff:   7 years with TCCC


“The center is one of the most personalized and caring places they (prospective parents) will ever find for their child.  The love and attention that the staff provides is just not available anywhere else.”

“Thank you, thank you, for loving and caring for my children and providing them with positive and strong values as a foundation for the rest of their lives.  We will never forget our experience at TCCC.”

Deborah and Brandon Gladstone:  8 years with TCCC


“Andy and I were so lucky to have found TCCC.  There was never a day that I worried about either of my children while they were in day care, which made it so much easier to work every day knowing they were loved, clean, engaged and cared for in every respect. The staff at TCCC are second to none. I really appreciate everything that everyone did for our family to take such great care of our kids.  We love the teachers we left behind.”

Karen and Andrew Doner: 6 years with TCCC


“I said many times I would never “institutionalize” my children in a daycare setting.  But TCCC is not like most daycares and preschools.  My children received far more than I ever expected.  They were confident and felt loved. Something is being done well because you cannot fake love.  Children know.  But both my children have an intense fondness for TCCC and each of their teachers.  I want to tell them that my children felt loved there. My children felt loved, not just taught or watched after.”

Karen Ashbrook-Barnes and Charles Barnes: 4 years with TCCC

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